Safety is a core value of Bret’s Electric. It permeates every activity, process, and discussion from the office to the job site.

Bret’s Electric’s safety program begins as a non-negotiable with our executive management and filters down to our production team. Our Safety Committee is always working towards excellence. Safety is discussed weekly with every employee on each job site during project management meetings. Project managers detail safety requirements and expectations in weekly correspondence to their general contractors as well. Safety is part of our culture; therefore, implementation comes naturally to our team members.

Our emphasis on safety is simple: our staff, and the people we work with and for, are the most important assets of Bret’s Electric. We have a responsibility to make sure that we protect our teams by providing them with the tools, training, guidance, and methods to work safely and productively every day on every project.

Our commitment is “Safety is Our First Priority!” Bret’s Electric’s safety record is among the finest of any electrical contracting firm in the United States. Our Safety Committee stays current on safety issues and industry regulations and is constantly looking for ways to improve our process.

Safety Awards and Recognition

Annual recipient of the Cost Containment Certificate from The State of Colorado, awarded by Colorado’s governor.

State of Colorado

Bret’s Electric, LLC is a proud recipient of the 2013 National Independent Electrical Contractors Safety Award through the IEC-CNA Insurance